lightbeam and duckduckgo

My experience with lightbeam was very interesting. I started by going on facebook and immediately noticed that when i clicked on the lightbeam tab showed up as a little blimp but next to it was a site I continued on. I tried clicking on a couple articles some friends posted and then I went onto reddit.

clicking back onto the lightbeam app. I was bombarded with sites I had never even heard of before. Just to name a few:

One in particular I did some extra looking into. It was called It was a site that managed privacy in data collecting for websites. That’s the general gist of what I understood. Other sites I looked at I got the general sense that they were all data collecting websites. Someone mentioned on of them in our class discussion today, That showed up for me as well, and on the lightbeam blimp map it was at the center of a lot of my other clicks. This was definitely an eye opening experience and I’m better for having had it.



Another thing we did today was doxx ourselves through What I found I can honestly say was pretty underwhelming. I felt that this is pretty much what I was expecting to find, something similar to googling your own name. I’ve been using the same username for all social media accounts since I was in high school so I ¬†wasn’t shocked to see the laundrylist of websites with my name attached to it. And a lot of old pictures. The thing about my name is that it’s attached to two other semi-big brands. Particularly the Herschel Supply co. brand and Hershel from the show The Walking Dead. those backpacks and that old guy also kept showing in my feed. Other than that, there’s not much I’d find embarrassing if revealed to future employers. Except perhaps my old blogger account, but only because my adolescent ramblings make me seem kind of annoying. This experience was also a very good thing for me to have and I’m glad to have had it.

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